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Teaching… the most responsible and respectable job across the world. As a teacher I know, how fulfilling that would be after delivering an effective lesson.

But the tricky thing is how to deliver that effective and engaging lessons throughout the academic year to enable the students with the knowledge.

Based on my extensive research I found a great method called Mind Maps. I really felt happy and started using the same and encouraged many educators and teachers to use the Mind Maps. Based on my personal experience and the inputs that I got from many other teachers, I would say that Mind Maps are one of the best methods to deliver that fulfilling lessons.

Well, before we jump into the effective usage of Mind Maps let us understand what is Mind Maps.

Mind Map is a graphical way to represent concepts. It is a visual tool that helps structuring information, helps to better analyse, comprehend, synthesize, and memorise.

“ Research by Toi (2009)iii shows that Mind Mapping can help children recall words more effectively than using lists (linear notes), with improvements in memory of up to 32%”.

Now let us look into little deeper with a question of how?
As a teacher we know that we are always short of time to deliver that best lessons to the students, so here we discuss the 3 ways that would help you better planning, preparation and delivery of the lessons effectively.

3 ways to use mind maps as a teacher
1.Lesson Planning
2.Lesson Preparation
3.Lesson Delivery
to be continued...

Would meet you soon discussing on effective usage of Mind maps as a teacher in my next article. till then Happy teaching.

Organizing ideas and concepts into graphic patterns has been explored for years by cognitive educators. Mind Map builds a process structure or “map” over the content body of the material a person has gathered, thereby organizing it for development. Research has shown that mind maps increases thinking, memory and learning skills. - Johanna Brams, MSEdT, Lehigh University.

In my previous article we discussed on Mind mapping introduction, now let us look at how we (teachers) can use them for the benefit of student’s learning.

As mentioned we can start using them in 3 ways that would help you better planning, preparation and delivery of the lessons effectively.

3 ways to use mind maps as a teacher
· Lesson Planning
· Lesson Preparation
· Lesson Delivery

1. Lesson Planning
Mind Maps for sure would save your time in preparing your lessons, it will improve the content structure and clarity of your teaching. Mind Maps will give you a visual overview of the lesson and allow you to plan your teaching sessions and the topics to be covered.

As you refer the Mind Maps before and after your lessons, it may help you to not to forget any key points and ensure you to cover every thing

2. Lesson Preparation
Preparing for a lesson is the key for every effective lesson delivery, most of us do agree with it right. However over a period of time as we gain experience and confidence some of us tend to ignore this preparation for various reasons, one of them would be the time constraint.

But to be an effective teacher we don’t have other options but prepare for the lessons to make it memorable.

Mind maps would help us here to a great extent making this task easy, as we have planned our lesson (assuming so) looking at the respective chapter’s Mind Map we will get full over view of the entire content in a single view with all the key points covering entire content. Mind Maps would help us to revise the chapter in minutes (not hours).

Looking at the Mind Map and revising it couple of time (or more) would help

3. Lesson Delivery
Now we come to the final stage of the delivering the lesson, not just delivering making it more clear and memorable.

Mind Maps are proven to be ideal for delivering lessons and explaining key concepts. We can start the lesson by giving over view of the major topics, key concepts in a very structured manner.During the delivery of the lesson,

Mind Maps would help you to engage the students. Mind maps inherent attributes i.e colors, organic structure and keywords contribute to the recall of the subject, hence your students would remember and will thank you during their exams.

Note: we can give the notes to the students on the fly looking at the Mind maps if required and can revise the chapter along with the students quickly, very effectively once you complete the chapter.

Would meet you soon with a new informative article on Mind maps 

Today many educators and teachers are constantly looking for better ways of teaching and learning, in order to help students to improve results and reduce their stress levels.

I am sure most of you would agree with me that, students are going through undue stress to get desired results, for sure they need something that would help them to improve their learning and cope up with the current competitive world.

As per research a proven scientific method- Mind Maps certainly would help all the stake holders to achieve the desired results yet making the students learning easy and fun.

What is Educe Mind Map?

Educe mind map is graphical organizer to organize and connect concepts, enabling students to understand how individual concepts relate to each other and how they fit into a larger knowledge framework.

In an Educe mind map, concepts are typically interlinked and arranged in a radial fashion around a central concept. Information is scientifically organized using key words of the chapter that would enable students with better understanding of the chapter.

Mind map is colorful and has images which would stimulate left brain and right brain simultaneously that would result in greater memory.

One of the key benefits that students enjoy is ability to revise the chapter 10 times faster.

Goodnough and Woods discovered that students perceived Mind Mapping as a fun, interesting and motivating approach to learning. Several students attributed the fun aspect to the opportunity to be creative when creating Mind Maps through lots of choice in colour, symbols, key words and design

Why Use Educe Mind Maps in Schools?

Educe mind mapping is an exciting educational tool because it promotes learning by helping students capture and organize information, remember better and revise faster.

Here are some of the many reasons why schools should embrace mind maps in education:

Mind maps helps organize vast amounts of information into a single, comprehensible map. Mind maps are visual, allows to process, understand, and retain information in a way that most of the students learn best. Mind maps makes use of natural memory triggers i.e colors, images, shapes, keywords and associations.

Some ways teachers can use mind maps:

#Prepare lesson plans and organize course material
#Get students engaged like never before
#Revise the chapters visually very effectively

Mind maps have already been incorporated into educational curricula in Finland, France, the United Kingdom, Vietnam and other developed countries. Hopefully, other countries will begin making use of them in the near future.

In today’s information world, it would be very difficult for teachers to engage the students in a class room, getting their attention is really challenging for teachers, including you and me. I am sure you agree with me.

I would like to discuss here on how to address this challenge and ensure how we could deliver our lesson in a productive way.

As a teacher most important task for us to gain the students attention, engage them throughout the class with enthusiasm. Just not only making them attentive, we need to make sure that students got that conceptual understanding and retain the given information after the class.

· Mento, A. J., Martinelli, P. and Jones R. M - Mind Mapping has been shown to bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm to the classroom because it increases student confidence and sense of skill in mastering assigned materials

Mind Maps are pretty effective in this regards, it would help us to get that desired attention from the students as Mind Maps are colourful, radiant structure and natural flow of the key points. Students would identify the key concepts and their associations between them.

Mind Maps present the concepts in a clear and comprehensive manner that brings key concepts into focus. Mind Maps are known for its ability to present large amounts of content into one page, it gives clear overview of the chapter and helps break down the complicated chapter into easily understandable chunks.

As a teacher if we adopt and use mind maps during our class room teaching sessions, students are more likely to memorize, retain and recall information from a Mind Map than if they were reading from linear, monotonous text or notes.

I am sure you would enjoy it and the students would thank you once they see their improved results.

Would meet you soon with a new informative article on Mind maps

I have been using mind maps from last 5 years in my professional life, particularly in teaching. As an author of 8 books on Mind Maps (class 7 to 10 science and maths syllabus) I am excited to share my experience with you.

During the last 5 years of my journey with Mind Maps I have been lucky to meet and interact 100s of schools, educators and 1000s of students. I would like to share my experiences with you based on my numerous interactions and discussions with teachers and students.

In the beginning I have started my journey with Mind Maps in a business perspective to achieve desired productivity in my professional work, which I was fully convinced and there are many success stories from 100’s of fortune 500 companies ( Dr. Mike Stanley from Boing claims that they could save lot of time and resources during one of their projects, which resulted in saving millions of dollars)

Well coming back to education, I got an opportunity to train some school students, that’s when I was wondering how Mind Map can help school students to decrease their stress levels and improve results. I was not sure by then, but later on as I started researching on how students could benefits from this amazing method, I realized that YES Mind maps can help students.

Now let us see how Mind Maps would help students for better education resulting in More Marks.

Mind Map is a visual tool equipped with lot of colors, natural organic structure, images and key words. That would engage the students immediately and brings that required focus as Mind map is a brain friendly method.

Organic structure, stimulating colors and key words (concepts) on branches will get that required attention and help them to go deeper in the subject as the branches expands smoothly.

One page view of the Mind map would explain the complete concepts of the particular chapter, enables students with better conceptual understanding.

Mind map is highly condensed version (covering 100% of all the key points) of a particular chapter. This would help students to revise the chapter pretty quickly (10 times faster)

Mind Map’s natural brain friendly way and the ability to revise the chapter quickly several times would aid the students improved memory and recall of the subject.

Why Mind Maps are so powerful

Mind Map brings together left brain (word, logic, numbers, and sequence) and right brain (colours, curves, images and space) which dramatically increases your understanding power. By using both cortical sides simultaneously you are maximizing your mind power.

This means that each cortical skill enhances the performance of other areas so that the brain is working at its optimum. Prof.Sperry.R.W (Noble Prize winner)


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